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Existing Nourish Patients with Questions about My Transition

As you all likely know, I will be transitioning from in-person care at Nourish Medical Center to an entirely virtual/telehealth practice. I want the transition to be as gentle as possible, and am therefore offering a free 15-minute consultation to anyone who wants to discuss what this transition may look like or would like a referral to another San Diego provider. You can book this by clicking on "Free Introductory   Consultation" 

FAQs Stone Naturopathic Medicine:

- What will be different about our visits? All visits will be performed virtually via telemedicine or phone, but otherwise visit style, quality, and duration will be the same.

- Will my records be transferred? Yes, upon confirmation of your first appointment, all of your existing information from Nourish can be transferred.

- How will I complete lab work? All labs will continue to be available, and you will be sent lab kits provided with a lab order and list of locations that you can go to get your blood drawn. We will walk you through each step of the process.

- How will I get supplements? Supplements will continue to be prescribed via FullScript, and all existing prescriptions can be transferred over as well.

- Can I still get IV/injection therapy? While Dr. Stone will not be performing IV therapy, you are still eligible to receive IV’s/injections through Nourish Medical Center or at-home self-administered injections.

- What are the prices for consultations? As an established patient, Dr. Stone will honor your existing pricing/fee schedule and you will not need to pay a new patient fee again if continuing care within 9 months. You can see more information at

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